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Sponsor: Second Chance Support Network | Location: Brighton, MI 48116
We are looking for people that would like to help with our fundraising events. We need help from planning, organizing, getting the word out to anything to do with the fundraising event. We hold 3 events per year: banquet, golf outing and Murder Mystery Dinner. Next year we are looking into adding a Cardio Drumming Marathon also. We also need help with contacting local companies to get auction items, do more
Sponsor: Second Chance Support Network | Location: Brighton, MI 48116 Adult Mentor
There are Men and Women coming out of jail or prison in Livingston County that needs YOU! By giving 1 hour per week, you can change a persons life. By being a friend, a positive influence in someones life, you may be a part of them making better choices. If you can be a good listener you can help someone that needs you! Once a week, our mentors will meet with someone coming out of jail or prison in a p more



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